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Easy Add Posting Job

Easy Online Add Posting job This is a easy means of entry the form in different Company's offered by various search engines and it requires no extraordinary skills. But one has to follow certain sets of rules and it has to be logical i.e. you can afford to ignore the stepwise methods.

Job prospect There is no limit of job/assignment. Job is home based. Assignments are not forced. You can work from any computer including cyber café. The jobs offered are copying, pasting, editing, sorting, and indexing data in to any format and we concentrate more on better and speed in Online Add Posting.

Easy Add Posting Job Eligibility and other details.

Eligibility there is no limit of age. Basic knowledge of computer and Internet operations is necessary.

Minimum Qualification No big degrees or diplomas is required. We prefer computer literate and with basic Knowledge of English/Internet. No big degrees or diplomas.

Job Description Registered members will be required to do online work on our company behalf (i.e. CYBER ONLINE JOBS) All individuals have to keep track of the number of posting, sites etc as per the assignment and the details of the entry has to be maintained. Executives must work themselves. They cannot employ/ hire individuals to work on their behalf. All new members must go through the rules and regulations of the company. Some of the hints are given in this website in brief.

Online Job: All work assigned, registered members has to be carried out online. It is advisable to have your own personal Computers at home/access to any computers / Cyber Cafe but it has to be with Internet connection. Those who do not have Personal computer at home may work from any Internet cafe.

The system of payments is generally after the completion of your project. No fixed amount of monthly stipend/salary is paid by us. Individuals are eligible to receive the pay on a basis based on mutual agreement. The number of assignment completed as per instructions. There is no fixed pay and the payments are based on work done successfully. The amount different with Schemes, work done etc.

Packages Working Days Compilation Payment Membership Fee Monthly Fee Max. Earning Order
Economic 1st to 10th 11th to 20th 10 Days $37.25 $10 $100 to $110
Classic 1st to 20th 21st to 30th 10 Days  $55.11 $15 $110 to $150
Mega Whole Month 5 Days 5 Days $80.91 $20 $200 to Unlimited
Bold 1st to 25th 5 Days 5 Days $225 $35 $Unlimited


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